Online Traffic Conversion

Converting interest into actions – traffic conversion

The interest itself in a website or an online shop is usually not enough, a purchase, a satisfied customer is what ultimately counts. The painstakingly acquired prospects, who have been generated through elaborated SEO measures, costly SEA Adwords bookings, elaborated targeting or simply via affiliates or social media channels, must be converted to buying customers. Two topics are necessary:

User Experience and Conversion Optimization

What Web Analytics and Online Controlling involves is rather simple to understand, but where is the difference between these two topics – between User Experience (UX) and Conversion Optimization?

User experience primarily look at the overall experience of a page – accessibility, usability, and the “joy of use”. Overall, “soft” factors that are analyzed and optimized.

Conversion optimization looks at the way from a landing page or home page to an article, as well as from the article to the shopping cart into which it is to be placed. The third step to be analyzed is the check-out funnel, the order process until completion of an order. All these steps are measurable, provable with numbers, and can be optimized likewise.

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