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UX User Experience – Listen to your customers!

User Experience (UX) is a crucial success factor in online marketing. Visitors decide in a matter of seconds whether a page is trustworthy and effective for their respective demands. Websites of companies therefore have little time to leave a good impression before a visitor leaves the page immediately and switches to competition, which usually is only a few clicks away.

The goal of optimization in terms of user experience is that visitors trust in the site and have a positive user experience (UX), which is achieved by:

* giving the user a flawless access with all devices via all channels (accessibility)

* having the users reach their goals efficiently, effectively and satisfactorily (usability, DIN EN ISO 9241-11)

* having the users enjoying the use of the site (Joy of Use)

The goals of users can be, for example, the comparison of products, the finding of information, the booking of certain services or the ordering of goods or services. UX optimization is aimed not only at shops, who want to optimize their conversions, but basically all kinds of websites. Studies show that sites that are re-designed to be user-friendly can improve their ROI on average by 83%. (Source: Nielsen http://www.useit.com/alertbox/roi.html).

ivisory offers the optimization of user experience as part of the online marketing mix. As experts for UX, we identify problems and difficulties that visitors of a website can encounter. In doing so, we do not ignore other disciplines of online marketing, such as SEO or social media, but also identify optimally coordinated recommendations for your website. Improvements in the UX area can often lead and be optimally combined with measures that lead, for example, to an increase in the reach by search engines.

Users’ view of a website is an extremely important factor in optimizing the user experience. For this reason, we include test persons from your target group by means of user tests (online or by external experts) in order to integrate them optimally into the optimization process.

Depending on the project requirements, different methods can be used to find the greatest possible optimization potential for your website:

* Expert Review
* Heuristic evaluation
* Cognitive Walkthrough
* Determination of use cases
* Development of Personas
* Usability test
* Thinking Aloud
* Online remote user tests
* Card Sorting

Just contact us – we’ll find the right UX strategy for your site.

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