Social Marketing – Networks and Social Ads

Social Marketing – Networks and Social Ads

People want to connect, they want to exchange information, people want to communicate, sometimes even exhibit themselves and show off. A large number of people love to present themselves publicly as experts, entertainers, connoisseurs, networkers. In short, social media have many facets that companies may want to focus on. The once considered ploy to be present in the social media has become an obligation for companies.

Whether videos on Youtube, pictures on Instagram, messages on Facebook or Whatsapp are adequate communication channels, can not be answered that simply.

Depending on the message that you want to convey, depending on the goal you are pursuing, some channels may be good choices for you. To work this out is the first approach. The analysis of your values, your company DNA, your products and your customers is the next step. You need to be authentic! Afterwards the derivations must be made: which networks, which social media are useful for you. In the following, e.g. together with your PR department a plan and an implementation needs to follow. Also, consider whether the channel is so successful that it is worthwhile – as with SEO and SEA – to spend money for sponsored ads and sponsored posts on social networks. As always, clear web tracking and controlling is important.

Use Affiliates to generate accurate traffic.


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