SEA – Search Engine Advertising

SEA – Search Engine Advertising with AdWords

Ideally, your products and / or services will instantly be found on the relevant Google and Bing search engines for all relevant search terms without cost or expense. Now, your competitors want this too, which leads to a natural competition in this segment.

It is possible, for a fee, to “rent” the upper placements or the ones on the first search results page: a bidding procedure which requires an account with e.g. Google AdWords and a setup of keyword campaigns. You define, for which search terms you want to be displayed with which ads and at what price. This can be done by yourself, but beware: in the field of search engine advertising, you can easily burn a high budget without having a noticeable effect. This is why it is necessary to integrate basic actions right from the start: keyword research and a thereof derived keyword strategy and brand strategy, position and bid strategy as well as advertising with attractive texts and call-to-action form the basis for successful search engine marketing. Also consider “negative keywords” to exclude the proximity to undesired topics.

The connection with fully developed web analytics tools as well as webmaster tools, if wanted, is an absolute obligation, so that activities and actions of the customers and interested parties can be tracked and optimized in real time and not only after the budget has been spent without any visible effect.

SEO and SEA complement each other, the goal is to identify the need of prospects using the search engines and to meet their needs with a matching offer from your side.

In addition to cover a prospect’s demand to arouse his interest is as essential. For this purpose, real-time advertising offered by ivisory in the display area is a suitable add-on. Click here to learn about our RTA & Targeting opportunities.


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