Email Marketing – Newsletter and Direct Mailings

Email Marketing – Newsletter and Stand-Alone Mailings

In times of spam & newsletter floodings, it is not easy to be successful in the field of ​​email marketing. Nevertheless, the channel still exists, is well known and … almost everyone checks several times daily their email-boxes.

In addition to the optimal shipping frequency of the emails or newsletters, the subject field and, of course, the content are also part of the essential marketing activities. As in many areas of marketing, the classic steps of marketing theory are also applicable here: AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire and Action!

It must be accomplished that we catch the user’s attention when he browses his inbox. The advertiser here only has about three nanoseconds time to get the attention of the customer. If the customer thinks that it is worth reading further, the entire subject field is displayed and read – showing interest. If it is accomplished to address the customer with the right message, the customer feels the desire to click (desire) and then carry it through (action).

This procedure is repeated after opening the email and again in the shop. Whether addressing new customers or existing customers with emails is irrelevant. New customers usually require additional e-mail impulses / triggers to be convinced in the end.

Newsletter marketing is an important part of the online marketing mix when it comes to activating existing customers, e.g. with up-selling measures (vouchers, references to discount promotions). In contrast to this stand-alone or recommendation mailings serve the reason to attract new customers to the site or win as a buyer.

ivisory plans the email and newsletter strategy for you, selects distributors for you, establishes an action plan and implements this strategy with your team or as a full-service offer with its own network. Please contact us for your individual offer.

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