CRO – Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization – Increase Conversion Rates, Leads and turnover

Conversion optimization is an essential part of online marketing and also as a consulting approach of ivisory. Many disciplines such as search engine optimization, search engine advertising and social media have the overriding goal of increasing the reach on the internet and thus generating traffic. But what happens to the visitors who have accessed a website via the various channels?

Especially in online shops, but also on other internet sites with a commercial background, we want the user to show a certain behavior. Whether it is selecting and ordering products, creating an account, or subscribing to a newsletter, it always depends on the individual key performance indicators of the particular web offer. And it shows how broadly the conversion optimization workspace can look like.

The declared goal is to help our customers uncover untapped potentials on their website, whose exploitation ultimately results in a greater proportion of visitors converting and carrying out the desired action by the customer.

Our consultation process can be subdivided into several steps. At the beginning there is always a detailed content and technical coordination with the customer, which forms the basis for the joint cooperation.

In the subsequent analysis, a careful evaluation of relevant data and key figures from the web analysis, such as, for example, the bounce rates and length of stay on the individual pages of an online presence, is carried out. On this basis, we identify areas that offer highest potential for improvement and formulate these findings into hypotheses.

In close exchange with the customer, selected theories are further refined and corresponding test scenarios are developed. Once the planning of these A/B test or even multivariate tests has been completed, the alternative landing pages will be implemented and tested by the users in comparison to the existing version.


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