Affiliate – Create Networks and use them

Create affiliate networks and use them

If you do not want to build your own affiliate system, which would result in a huge effort, it is advisable to use one of the existing affiliate networks as a platform. Internationally, there are many large and powerful networks such as Tradedoubler or Zanox. Especially Tradedoubler has a more European or international focus.

This channel is primarily performance-oriented and can be used to a limited extent for brand building. You need to choose the right platform, which may be different in the various countries. Main topics to consider are:

* who is already active there,
* which competitors exist within network,
* how do the technical interfaces look like
* what are the conditions and billing models.

In general, affiliates receive commission payments for an impression, lead, sale or new customer in the form of percentile participation or a CPX deal. In addition to the existing setup fees, there is always a revenue-dependent commission for the network, which is based on the generated sales and commission payments to the affiliates and must be paid additionally to the network.

Generating new affiliates and targeting them, developing successful affiliates for individual co-operation, the processes, especially for new approvals of affiliates, but also confirmation of goal achievements, are important aspects in the affiliate management, as well as the constant updating of the advertising media and campaigns built, supervised and handed over to you.

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