Analytics – Tracking & Web Controlling

Web analytics – you get what you measure

Benefit from data analysis & grow efficiently through budget allocation

We can help you achieve your strategic goals by developing methods and systems that will allow you to control your operations. This increases your customer turnover and reduces your marketing costs. Through our support you will be able to answer the following questions:

* What are the revenues of investments in, for example, display, adwords or TV campaigns?
* Which marketing channels are capable of generating an efficient growth?
* How impact do the channels have on the Customer Journey?
* What is a customer worth?
* How can a customer’s turnover be increased?
* What are the main levers for fast and efficient growth?

Benefit from our analytic skills

We not only setup and develop the analytics systems, but also help you to implement the analysis in your company and thus generate ongoing benefits. Through the holistic ivisory approach, we have practical experience in optimizing the marketing channels and processes (SEO, SEA, Display, CRM) and transfer the analysis’ results into direct actionable items.

Lean, flexible and scalable systems

Your individual customer processes and requirements are our starting point for lean analytical solutions. Based on different platforms, we develop scalable systems that adapt to the rapidly changing requirements. The focus is on a methodological analysis.

Services in the field of Web Analytics & Business Intelligence

Each company has individual requirements on analysis. Depending on the business model and growth phase, analysis methods and systems differ. With consulting in the field of Web Analytics & Business Intelligence, ivisory already supports different companies in various strategic phases (startup, growth, competition). We put great importance on sharing the necessary knowledge with our customers and thus to enable our customers to achieve optimal internal processes.

Services in detail

* Online Business – BI & Analysis Strategy Workshop
* Web Analytics System Implementation & Optimization
* DWH system development
* Training & Seminars
* Analysis & Reports and Support
* Outsourcing: Report Management & Analysis

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