Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Mix

We do know the online world, we also do know what is possible, what is not working and eventually what should be possible and working for you as a company. And this is what we would like to achieve for you in the future. Of course, we happily prepare tempting high-gloss presentations with strategy recommendations for you. But when it comes to implementing these strategies, many Internet consultants and marketing professionals are kinking. Not us! We implement what we promised.

Generate Traffic

The first goal should be to attract prospects for your site or shop. These prospective customers are provided by a variety of controlled online & offline channels and measures, e.g. through search engines (using SEO / SEA) or by using targeted banners or display advertising, but also with classic channels such as regional media, print advertising in specialist magazines, etc. The measurability, the optimal mix and the quality of the implementation are important. Click here to learn more about efficient online traffic generation.

Convert Traffic

Having lots of visitors on your website is great but usually not sufficient. They should “convert” from the virtual prospect to a real customer. This requires a consistent user experience (UX), which will pick up the future customer and focus on the sale (conversion optimization). User habits change, which is why a thorough and frequent testing and optimization should form an important aspect in your online business. Click here if you want to know how you effectively make customers from prospects.

ivisory avows for what we promise in our PowerPoint slides, because we also execute everything for and with you through our internal resources and expert network. With us, you are on the safe side because we are not only professionally skilled and have the large professional network, but through our long-standing consulting background we also know how to convey our knowledge and thus bring the power you need as soon as possible “on the road”.

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