Generating Online Traffic

Traffic Generation – Attract interest from interested parties with an optimal mix

Sometimes it is true: a lot does in fact help a lot. But the quality of the leads must not be neglected. Which channels are useful and which are not for your business model. We know all relevant channels and we want to get to know you, to see which of those channels are matching to your business and goals.

On the one hand, new customers are addressed differently than existing customers. That can also be supplemented by the fact that each customer group responds to other triggers and to other channels. Analyzing this and making the right deductions from those findings is one of the basic disciplines in online marketing and one of the core competencies of ivisory.

Which channels are the right ones for you? What are your individual goals? The answer is relatively simple and relatively comprehensive at the same time: ivisory!

We analyze your situation, work out your goals with you, design an implementation strategy and … implement it! What are your goals? Share them with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Get found with ivisory. A main channel for sustainable traffic generation is SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Why? Because over 80% of the new customer’s sales of a shop come through the search engine. The organic search results are also those who enjoy the most trust and therefore usually achieve a much higher conversion. In addition, when advertisements are generated through advertising, each one of them costs a certain amount. A click on the organic search results, which can be a generic, brand or even longtail keyword, does not cost per click. Click here to get to know our approach to search engine optimization (SEO).

SEA – Search Engine Advertising

If the search is essential for the success of YOUR site, but SEO has not yet started to work, as it can take up to several months, it is advisable to purchase the traffic efficiently in order to quickly grow. AdWords are a good means, but they should be used with caution. Campaigns, keywords, ads, positioning strategy, and bid strategy are subjects that require expertise and experience. In addition, tracking, controlling and continuous optimization must be used in order to be successful in the long term. Ask ivisory, we know the metier SEA and advise you gladly. Learn more about SEA, Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

RTA – Real Time Advertising & Display Targeting

Display advertising, targeted, offered per auction and all of it in real-time. These are topics that have only recently led classic banner marketing into measurable and performance-oriented spheres. It means that “display” will continue to have a right to exist in the future. Use modern technology and data to specifically identify and address your target group on the Internet. Big Data and the basic technique of real-time biddings make it possible. In real time, bids are given and a surcharge is awarded for the advertising inserts. Ask us about the latest data driven display trends how to do it for your company.

Social Media – Social Networks

The social media channels or even social networks are not new and are not only online or digital but they are “multichannel” and closely connected. No matter whether Facebook, Linked in, Xing or Youtube, in all networks you can be found in different ways. As a network with communications, as a link between providers and inquirers, as an expert with a knowledge advancement or as an advertiser in the form of social ads and sponsored posts. Which channels and networks are the right ones for you and your goals and how can they best be used by you, we will clarify that with you in a personal meet-up. You can access all general information about social media here.

Affiliate – Traffic from external sites with compensation

Affiliate marketing works multi-dimensional. On the one hand, appropriate external pages ensure that sales, new customers or prospective customers come to your site. In addition, these multiplier pages are often seen as a trust element in the peer group, which is why leads from these pages may convert better than anonymous site-exchanges. External links, provided by high-quality and trustworthy pages, are also of interest to search engines. Which networks and what content should be linked and kept up-to-date must be developed in the same way as the processes for affiliate approval and sales matching. Because there is a lot of easily earned money involved, many black sheep are often found. We would be pleased to work with you to develop your individual affiliate strategy.

Email-Marketing – Newsletter and Stand-alone Mailings

In times of constantly full email mailboxes and megabytes of daily spam, it is not easy to use the channel Email effectively and optimally as a serious company. Whether through status mails, regular communication, newsletters or stand-alone mailings, many online dialogue measures can lead to success. Especially in the field of communications towards existing customers, many e-mail measures can be extended and make Email the most effective channel, provided that the right topics are addressed to the right target group in the right channels. We develop individual email and newsletter strategies in order to generate additional sales for you effectively and efficiently.
Read more about our Email-marketing.

Learn more about our approach on Analytics, Conversion and UX

Generating traffic is important! To convert these prospects to customers may even be more important, because no matter how far you open the funnel above, it is crucial how many customers, how much revenue results in the end. Here we have got the topics of web analytics, conversion optimization and user experience, all services of ivisory.

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