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Is your strategy digital (enough)?

Many business models have worked well. Yours probably as well. Over the past decades though, entire industries have disappeared, companies have realigned and reoriented towards new sectors. A mining company as Preussag has become the tourism group TUI, a tube manufacturer Mannesmann has become the mobile operator Vodafone D2, a mail order company like OTTO developed into digital channels and nowadays is heavily involved financially in startups -nationally and internationally- through companies such eVentures or Project A.

It becomes clear: Nothing will work without a clear online strategy – whether it is B2C or B2B focused – in the future: An example from retail: The classic mail order catalog has survived only through multi-channel alignment.  USP (unique selling proposition) of the German DIY sector, i.e. the price, is no longer existent. Similar offers for standardized products, mostly without differentiation at all, except for the price, no longer exist by the now prevailing transparency through online channels.

Meeting consumer demands in trade is increasingly shifting to the Internet. Although, at a low level, but rising sharply. Also, the service aspect (for a long time the USP of the stationary retailer because personal advice would be perfectly possible), is increasingly mirrored on the internet. In addition, the trend is still towards “Research Offline, Purchase Online” (ROPO study by Google).

In the area of publishers / newspaper / magazines, publishers it can be seen already that without an online strategy that pays off financially, the declining subscription numbers are not offset. Renowned newspapers change ownership, even though they were the basis of the core business when the company was founded. Whether a paywall or online advertising selling approach is right, the future will show. A more fundamental change may be the only way out of this slow death of printed publications.

In the area of publishers and newspaper and magazine publishers generally is seen that without an online strategy that pays off financially, falling subscription numbers are not offset. Change the owner of prestigious newspapers, although they were the basis of the core business in the founding of the company. Whether a paywall or sell online advertising approaches are right, the future will show. A more fundamental change may be a way out of the death of print.

Individual solutions ensure your competitive advantage

This segment of digital strategy-development is highly individual, eventually you do not want an idea of the rod, but instead a real novelty, which suit your company, mentality and employees. ivisory therefore always analyzes first what already is present in your company, what it represents and what values exist and are lived. Only after discussions and explorations, we work with you to put together a rough alignment with various options which are detailed later on. We’d be glad to work together with you.

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