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The future is (even more) digital

Many business models have worked well. Yours probably as well. Over the past decades though, entire industries have disappeared, companies have realigned and reoriented towards new sectors. A mining company as Preussag has become the tourism group TUI, a tube manufacturer Mannesmann has become the mobile operator Vodafone D2, a mail order company like OTTO devloped into digital channels and nowadays is heavily involved financially in startups -nationally and internationally- through companies such eVentures or Project A.

In recent years ivisory has advised some well-known and international mail order companies, young eCommerce Start-Ups, renowned brand manufacturers, suppliers from the financial industry and media houses in identification and execution of alternative business field.

Processual approach

Starting point is the identification and refinement of core values, the USP and associated assets of each company. These need to be analyzed, their needs need to be queried, connected in a framework, enriched with considerations of competition and international benchmarks. All parts need to be deposited in a detailed business plan. This all brings an in-depth approach, which you can rely on in the future.

Holistic and sustainable approach

if course, ivisory together with a competent and knowledgeable team also is in place for development of strategies and supervision of implementation when approaching the new fields. We not only follow or lead discussions of how to approach a digital business or segment, we initiate them and love to be the first in your field. Together we can transform your industry.

Partnership for success

Furthermore, we usually offer to carry out the project in close cooperation with you and a high involvement of ivisory network. As a coach and consultant, we can not only accompany and solve technical issues, structure and staffing with a temporary approach but can also select a future management team, if needed.

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