Internet Consulting

Interactive Business Advisory & Digital Strategy

Each company has its own agenda and needs individual Internet consulting. Whether a parallel or exclusive digital alignment makes sense must therefore be examined individually. We analyze your options by internal and external market and potential analyses or benchmarks, develop together with you a viable business case that fits your business model and your business orientation.

We also offer you to implement these digital business models, and then of course also like to take over the project management and control for you. For all operational issues relating to the internet, we have customized solutions. Core competencies include project management, online marketing, analysis, community management or HR issues, through our professional network we generate solutions for almost all online issues.

This is our core mission. As experienced experts, we are well prepared, to address your topics and projects, and to solve your problems and provide support.

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Digital Business Models

ivisory in the past advised some well-known and international mail order companies, young eCommerce Start-Ups, renowned brand manufacturers, suppliers from the financial industry and media houses in the identification of alternative business field. ivisory develops new business fields, expands your business opportunities and explores these fields together with you. We have a broad and deep understanding of business models, business planning, feasibility studies and also the implementation and supporting network with experts and management.

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